2018 Japan Japanese (English Subtitles) Length: Genre: Asian, Japan, Japanese, manga.based, based.on.manga, english.subtitles, hentai, handjob, blowjob, cum.on.face, cum.in.mouth, missionary, cowgirl, reverse.cowgirl, cunnilingus, 69, creampie, in.bath, soap, baseball, doggy.style, standing.missionary, standing.doggy.style, standing.fuck, cheerleader, cheerleader.outfit, sitting.sex, cheating, sora.shina, shina.sora, cheating, cheating.on.phone, masturbation, schoolgirl.uniform, cum.on.tits, facial, fingering, 1080p Director: Kitorune Kawaguchi Cast: Sora Shina

Sato Yuma is on the Baseball team, they are making it to the national finals. He is so obsessed with baseball that he neglects his girlfriend. Natsumi Mukawa (Shiina Sora). Sato Yuma’s girlfriend and the baseball team female manager. Tanaka Reo. The ace pitcher, also in the baseball team.

One day Sato and Natsumi are going back home riding a bicycle when they accidentally run over Tanaka Reo. Tanaka gets injured and Natsumi Mukawa being the very considerate girl she is, offers him help with his daily “necessities”. All while Sato Yuma doesn’t suspect anything, because he is obsessing over Baseball, literally the most boring sport in planet earth and beyond.

It feels very much like NTR, even though Natsumi is very deeply in love with his boyfriend she develops an even deeper lewd love for dicks.

As all of my uploads from URE or MIMK, included is the original manga. In this case, "Migite no Daida wa Ace no Kanojo" by Ishigaki Takashi. And as can be seen, the movie follows the manga very closely.


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